What every adventurous soul should know about MotoBirds women’s tours

May 1, 2023

So, what should every adventurous lady know about MotoBirds women’s expeditions? For starters, you’ll need a healthy sense of humor, a taste for the unexpected, and a willingness to embrace the unknown. Our expeditions are not for the faint of heart, but if you’re up for the challenge, you’ll be rewarded with memories that will last a lifetime. And did we mention the cupcakes? That’s right, we believe that every adventure should be sweetened with a little indulgence. So, whether you’re chowing down on roadside BBQ or savoring a slice of homemade pie at a quaint diner, you can rest assured that we’ve got your taste buds covered.

Women simply have different needs and difficulties on the road than men. And while it’s great to travel in mixed groups, it’s nice to be in a female group sometimes. Because who better to understand a woman than another woman? Women’s expeditions are super for cupcakes who are looking not only for challenges, but also for friendships. It’s also a great way to brave your first long-distance trip. There’s less pressure because a women’s group understands women’s dilemmas. But that’s not all there is to know about the women’s MotoBirds expeditions, which have been organized since the beginning as part of the dedicated “Only for Eagles” project.

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Women’s tours – that’s how it all started


Once upon a time in August 2016, 17 cupcakes set off on the first Woman-Only expedition (a project called in Polish “Tylko dla Orlic” which means “Eagles only”). Ola, the originator and organizer, had to show real persistence because the idea of women’s tour was as rare as a unicorn. But, after all, how are so many women supposed to climb routes together in… the Himalayas? Ola knows her own thing, no stereotypes can limit her from achieving her goals.

And the goal was simple: To organize an tour for women, by women. The invitation was extended to various riders from all over the world (although then still mainly Polish). Of different ages, personal and professional situations. Petite and athletic. Blondes, gray-haired, redheads… Simply everyone!

Orlice MotoBirds

And the idea worked! The first Eagle Expedition, with girls, motorcycles and the Himalayas, was a huge success! Women show what they are capable of. Now not only men conquer the Himalayas on motorcycles. Since then, the Eagles have been returning to the Himalayas every year. Mothers, grandmothers, and even those who have ridden only as passengers have joined the women’s tours.

The Eagles are going places!


How is it possible that every year MotoBirds organizes 2-3 expeditions just for women? It’s simple! Every young lady, mother, or even grandmother will find something for herself on these tours.

Age or experience don’t matter. Woman-Only expeditions have different levels of difficulty and character. We manage to collect such fantastic groups because we help every woman make a decision. We discuss expectations and skills, fears and dreams – this is always the foundation. We advise honestly because we know that for each rider, we will find a woman’s tour that is just right. MotoBirds expeditions are not about the largest possible group, but about the satisfaction of each girl who trusted us.

Thanks to this, Eagles visit new places. The Himalayas (they are still amazing, but we don’t just keep going back because we’re stuck in a rut – the appetite just doesn’t weaken), Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Sri Lanka, Argentina, Bolivia, Tanzania, Colombia or this year’s Vietnam and Patagonia are some of the destinations that can be seen in a group of girls.

Kolumbia MotoBirds
Tanzania MotoBirds
ABC MotoBirds
HImalaje MotoBirds

Typically, we have one tour for those gravel heroines out there. However, we know that women are also looking for relaxation and some quality “me-time.” So we try to make sure that every year one of the trips for women is more focused on sightseeing and relaxation. If you’re a rider who primarily wants to learn about culture, tradition, and people, you’ll definitely get that on our women’s motorcycle trip.

What would be typical concerns of female riders?


Yes, of course, before the first tour, females often have concerns:

– What if I can’t make it?

– Won’t we start barking at each other in this women’s group after two days?

– Maybe I lack the skills for such an adventure?

Let’s face it, we’ve all had those thoughts at some point. Let the first one who has never had such thoughts throw her helmet first. The fear of not being good enough or being outside our comfort zone is completely natural. And let’s not forget about the worry of getting along with everyone. But what we’ve seen time and time again is that when women ride together, warm relationships and lasting friendships are formed. We help each other through the difficult moments, and no one is ever left to face a problem alone.

MotoBirds Orlice 1

Some may see riding with a group of women as a potential problem, but it’s actually a huge advantage. Women are able to express their emotions more easily in a group of other women.

Sure, there are pros and cons, but when it comes to a women’s tours, the best comes out of all participants.

Of course, women face different challenges than men when it comes to riding motorcycles. Men don’t typically worry about whether their legs are too short or if a bike is too heavy. A steep climb or a river crossing is just another challenge to overcome. Women, on the other hand, often need support and encouragement to overcome obstacles. Psychology plays a bigger role in a group of women, which is where mutual support comes in and matters. And we provide it!

When we ride together, we show that “sisterhood” isn’t just an empty word. When asked about the feeling of traveling in a group of women, Eagles talk about energizing support. There’s no babysitting, judging, or complaining. We become a family on the road, and we talk about our daily difficulties together. “Fantastic friendly atmosphere.”

Family, friends, separation… and new challenges on WOMEN’S TOURS


Relaxation beyond the reach of the phone. No internet. Total reset on the other side of the world. For some girls, this is an added value. Closer to home, it’s hard to get away from everyday life so completely. Far from home, it is the traveling companions who are like family. It is with them that one talks about the daily difficulties on the road.

Is it difficult to leave loved ones and travel to the other side of the world? Eagles say… not really. Ultimately, if someone wants to stay in touch, it’s no problem. Girls have different family situations and sometimes leave young children at home. Then they just buy a phone card and call home. Each of us understands this. Moreover, there are also times when they can’t quite forget about work. Especially when they run their own business. So many ladies, so many situations.

Women’s tours are about pushing ourselves to our limits and overcoming our fears. It’s an excellent opportunity to grow and develop. Each mountain serpentine or footbridge crossed makes us stronger. On an expedition, we have to keep moving forward, and there’s no turning back. You’ll definitely get support from our fellow riders, but it’s you who decide which challenges you take on and which ones don’t.

MotoBirds Orlice
MotoBirds Orlice rozwój

Adrenaline is okay, and difficulties help us grow. In the evenings, we share stories about the amazing things we experienced during the day. The same stories brought home are told in a completely different way. Here, with other girls, emotions play a big role. With other women riders, it’s about living in the moment. When we ride uphill in the fog or feel like we’re fighting for our lives somewhere in the mountains of Colombia, we understand each other. We’ve faced the same challenges and overcome them together

Our world is a beautiful place


MotoBirds motorcycle expeditions allow us to experience a completely different world. It’s a real mosaic of cultures, tastes, and smells that we may have never experienced before. The MotoBirds Team chooses unusual places in different parts of the world, and in 2023, we’re heading to the Himalayas, Vietnam, and Patagonia. These amazing landscapes are guaranteed to take our breath away.

MotoBirds tours are about more than just the landscapes, they allow you to see a different life. They allow you to get closer to the people and learn about their traditions and culture. On each tour we venture off the beaten track, often visiting places where no westerners have gone before. It’s a chance to experience the world in an authentic way and gain distance from our own needs and the urge to buy more things. Places often raw, always beautiful. No crowd to compete with for a good spot to take a photo. This world is real.

Eagle expeditions can turn your worldview upside down. You can gain distance from your own needs and somewhat detach yourself of the daily pressure of everyday life. We take limited luggage on an expedition. We also meet people who are happy, although they live much more modestly. This forces us to wander inside ourselves. That’s why many riders return with a slightly changed view of the world. What’s more, Eagles also have the opportunity to do some good.

MotoBirds Orlice

When visiting monasteries or schools, the girls often come up with the idea of buying gifts for the kids at a local store. In poor countries, this is more than just a nice gesture, it means a lot.

Do the girls come back for other women’s tOURS?


When asked if they would go on another woman’s tour, our riders unanimously say “Yes!”. Girls say they get more than they expected. That’s probably the biggest compliment we can hear. Well, except maybe for the fact that so many lasting friendships have been made through our expeditions.

There is always good riding weather in some parts of our beautiful world. A motorcycle allows you to be closer to the places you visit. It takes a lot of time to prepare an expedition, because the MotoBirds Team takes enthusiasts only to places we know. Not everything can be arranged from a distance. What more is there to say?

The weather is always beautiful in some part of the globe. A motorcycle allows you to be closer to the places you visit. Preparing the tour takes a lot of time, because the MotoBirds Team takes riders only to places we know. Not everything can be done remotely, and what can we say, it’s best to just meet in person the people you want to work with. Anyway, in order to get off the trail, you must first get to know it perfectly. This bears fruit, not only on women’s tours.

MotoBirds Orlice
MotoBirds Orlice

Therefore, if you are a woman who loves riding a motorcycle, we are waiting for you! Our Eagle group is growing and it’s great! But it’s best to feel the taste of this girl’s adventure yourself. Experiences on the route are better than any text that the MotoBirds Team could write for you.

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