The years of our activity mean thousands of wonderful meetings and hundreds of satisfied customers. On this page you will find opinions about our activities..



Darek Pingot / Germany

2023 – Google Review

[translation from German] After 5 bike trips together worldwide, I can’t imagine finding a better organizer to travel the world by motorcycle.
Always safe, punctual, concrete, professional, simply great!
In addition, unbeatable value for money! Thank you for having it!


Renata Caruso / Poland

2023 – Google Review

[translation from Polish] I am a faithful participant of tours organized by MotoBirds and “Woman-Only”/”Tylko dla Orlic” tours. All of the ones I was on were SUPER organized and buttoned up. The routes and hotels and attractions are absolutely great!!! I recommend to all two wheels lovers, the good ones and the average ones 😉 Aleksandra Trzaskowska is absolutely the best 💪💪💪


Przemek Gerlaczynski / Poland

2022 – Google Review

[translation from Polish] MotoBirds is a company that will take you to places you had no idea existed. It’s an adventure and emotions, but also excellent routes, great hotels. Above all, however, they are excellent guides who can get along with each client and you will feel taken care of all the time. I have been with MotoBirds on two expeditions and this is not the end of our ADVENTURE.


MiKO ! / Poland

2022 – Google Review

[translation from Polish] We did Tanzania together. Professional organization. Great service from start to finish!


Marek Sawicki / Poland

2022 – Google Review

[translation from Polish] Hello! If you don’t feel like organizing everything yourself, MotoBirds in the wide world for enduro is awesome, and in Poland there is probably no one with such a range of services in the context of world enduro tours.
I was there and I saw how problems are solved during the expedition.
It’s just great and that’s it.
If you can accept the program and certain rigors of being in a group, I sincerely recommend it.
Best regards, wishing you good development and lots of health, Marek Sawicki.


Piotr Kusiak / Poland

2022 – Google Review

[translation from Polish] Great trip, great organization. Scenic routes, locally demanding, to be driven calmly with any off-road driving skills. I recommend AW e s O M E


Tomek Kokosz / Poland

2022 – Google Review

[translation from Polish] I’ve been on 4 trips with Ola. Himalayas, Vietnam, Sicily and Costa Rica. Every trip is great. Although subjectively, the Himalayas made the greatest impression on me. As far as organizational issues are concerned, I confirm the opinions of the previous speakers. Rating 10/10.


David Zimmermann / Switzerland

2022 – Google Review

I went with MotoBirds on a trip in Tanzania in 2022. Very professional and friendly, Ola and Guy have both an impressive experience of travelling on a motorcycle around the world. I can only recommend them!


Paul Solli / USA

2022 – Google Review

Greetings from San Francisco, California! Let me begin my review by saying, I love MotoBirds! I was on a trip with them to Tanzania in March of this year (2022) and it exceeded my wildest expectations. It was my first time to Africa and the scenery and the people blew me away. Everything about the trip was perfect: Guy and Ola were terrific hosts (encouraging, knowledgeable, adventuresome, smart, friendly, sophisticated, incredibly hard working); their support staff was wonderful and always kept an eye on me to keep me safe; the accommodations and food ranged from very good to outstanding; and my fellow riders on the trip were friendly and a pleasure to ride with. I could tell by the online reviews, their website, their reputation for shipping motorcycles, and my interactions with Guy, Ola and Agata before the trip that MotoBirds was a quality outfit, but I’m still shocked at just what an amazing adventure they were able to deliver. This is a quality trip delivered by quality people, and to be honest, I think they charge much too little for what they deliver. They clearly love sharing their passion for motorcycling, exciting foreign destinations off the beaten track, and real adventure, and this trip would have been a bargain at twice the price. My trip included mostly people from Poland, as well as an engineer and motorcycle journalist from Switzerland, and I could not have asked for a better group, most of whom also spoke English. I’ve been telling all of my friends about my trip, so I would expect they might be getting more Californians on their future trips. I will certainly be joining them for more trips. Thank you MotoBirds!


Stephane Godts / France

2022 – Google Review

[translation from French] Excellent organizers of motorcycle road trips.
From fairly luxurious travel to much more offroad travel, you will find what you are looking for with this great team.
Highly recommended.



Francesco Pascolini / Italy

27 January 2020

[translation from Italian] I just got back from a trip to Patagonia. Journey, JOURNEY, which turned out to be a challenge for people and means. Thanks to excellent organization and professionalism, we overcame every difficulty and you could appreciate every view that this expedition offered its participants. Even though I was using my almost forty-year-old (properly prepared) motorcycle, I breathed in full emotions that flowed from the breathtaking views that this land reserves for its visitors. This is also due to the peace of mind of having a good organization with you, which was always available in the most difficult situations and the most complicated parts of the route, thanks to the extensive experience of all the staff who were always at our disposal.


Marian Stych / Poland

2019 – Google Review

[translation from Polish] I had the honor to be on 2 tours with Ola and I am very happy (not only me). In January 2020, another trip with Ola and a group of wonderful people (as always). I can’t wait to go!!! I highly recommend MOTOBIRDS as a professional in the full sense of the word.


Malou van Zanten / Netherlands

2019 – Google Review

In August 2019 I went with MotoBirds on a motorbike adventure in the Himalaya’s. It was an amazing experience that I’ll never forget. It was very well organised with the perfect amount of riding hours a day, riding terrain (e.g off road vs on road), fantastic route with mind blowing views. The communication with Ola before, during and after booking was prompt and informative. The wealth of information about off road riding, the area we were exploring (and the food!!) was so great. I can’t wait for my next trip and I’d highly recommend MotoBirds!


Jackie Parker / Great Britain

23 September 2019

MotoBirds Himalayas 2019 with the terrific company and energy of round the world explorer Kinga “on her bike“ Tanajewska.

Extremely well planned trip of a lifetime. Aleksandra’s “Ola” knowledge and experience got us under the skin and into the heart of this incredible region. When trips run this smoothly they have been very well researched and planned. Great “mind, body and bike“ support crew, the wonderful Dr Mat and his engineers – sounds like a band!- never far away.

Embrace this journey as someone who lives there and you will be well rewarded with everything a Himalayas adventure ride has to give. I rode a once in a lifetime experience with incredible new friends, made life long memories. I saw things that photos just can not show but here’s some to show the spirit of our adventures ,not all mine. Thanks for all the photo sharing. Thank you Ola. I can not wait for the next time I get to put on a MotoBirds T and ride with you.


Justyna Szczygielska / Poland

17 April 2019

[translation from Polish] Well, from the beginning…
A wonderful organization, flexible, adapted to the changing reality
The ability to read the desires and whims of participants.
Not posh… periodically luxurious…
I recommend….
I’m waiting for Sri Lanka…


Riccardo Caruso / Italy

2023 – Google Review

[translation from Italian] I participated in a fantastic trip to Costa Rica organized by MOTOBIRDS. Two groups were formed, one for the more skilled at driving and one for the less able. Both routes ended up at the same sites, all of which are mainly of interest from a naturalistic point of view. I highly recommend this company for their professionalism, which is no small thing when you go to unfamiliar places.


[translation from Italian] I have been on tours organized by MotoBirds on several occasions. Excellent organization, carefully prepared itineraries, a professional company. I highly recommend it!


Grzegorz Matusik / Poland

11 April 2019

[translation from Polish] I would highly recommend. I had the pleasure of being on such an expedition with Aleksandra Trzaskowska. Excellent organization, well-chosen route and attractions, great travel friend 😀


women only tours reviews


Magdalena Kostrzewa / Great Britain

18 February 2023

Ladies only trip to the Himalayan was out of this world. Perfect organisation and unbelievable routes. Every minute felt like magic. This is the kind of experience which stays with you forever and takes you to another level from which you will never return back to the reality as you had known it. Good luck Ola and Agata with all your amazing adventures and I can’t wait to join you again


Jackie Parker / Great Britain

December 2022 – Google Review

MotoBirds Tanzania with the incredible Orlice what an adventure.
Wow, the colours, red, ochres, green, yellows, the reds!
The dust, the rocks, Fesh Fesh, the SAND,
The vastness, the views, the climbs and descents. Breathtaking landscapes & safaris, but to ride with the animals, to come across them thats very special.
The comfort of the lodges, the simplicity of the hostels, the beach oh the beach!
Happy people, friendly, smiling, welcoming.
Roadside food, best omelette I’ve ever had.
Great company, support, the friendship,
Just get it done, don’t stop feeling!
who falls gets the whisky!
Such an adventure. For all these emotions and memories I thank you wonderful Orlice, thank you Agata, amazing leader, friend.
Thank you Ola and Guy for planning such a wonderful trip.


Anna Urzędowska / Switzerland

21 November 2022

[translation from Polish] As usual, a perfectly prepared program and all the logistical details so that you can jump straight into the adventure and enjoy the ride, the wonderful surroundings and all the attractions. The company of motivated and cheerful ladies PRICELESS!! I will always recommend trips with “Orlice” because it is unforgettable and awesome!!!


Lina Cha Leila / Lithuania

2019 – Google Review

It’s the best what can happened in my Life. To get to know MotoBirds and travel together… ❤️



Anna Turguła / Polska

7 January 2019

[translation from Polish] I’ve been away with MotoBirds several times.

I recommend it to all undecided, trips are organized professionally, everyone will find something for themselves. No quarrels, full understanding on the part of the participants and the organizer. Full chillout guaranteed. I am already adding more trips with Ola and the rest of the Eagles to my calendar. I invite you to a group of cool girls.


Ewa Szymczak / Polska

20 November 2018

[translation from Polish] You can say a lot about MotoBirds, but one thing is the most important, PASSION with which Aleksandra Trzaskowska approaches the tours she organizes. She prepares each with commitment and dedication, which is why she deserves the highest rating.

I appreciate MotoBirds for beautiful experiences, for wonderful friends, for memories and adventures, for sweat, bruises and tears, and for countless moments of joy and smiles. If you’ve ever thought about a great adventure and are passionate about motorcycles, then join the Eagles Team 🙂


Renata Caruso / Polska

18 November 2018

[translation from Polish] I was twice on tours organized by Aleksandra Trzaskowska. Very professionally and carefully prepared routes and everything buttoned up. I highly recommend!!!! I will definitely use it again 👍👍👍




Victor Manero / Spain

2022 – Google Review

[translation from Spanish] We sent our 2 bikes from Poland to Chile with MotoBirds and the service was excellent.

Agata and Aleksandra are very close to the client, they talk about the whole process in a very transparent way, answer all questions and make the process reliable from the first minute of contact. In short, they are two super responsible girls for their work.

Without hesitation, if we ever had to send the bikes back, we would do it again with them.


Robert Busfy / Slovakia

2022 – Google Review

Great experience shipping 2 bikes to South America. Everything went smoothly and was very professional. Definitely recommend!


Lauri-Beth Egerton / Great Britain

18 June 2020

MotoBirds were life savers for us! After riding over 43,000 miles across The Americas, our rear shock snapped on the border between Chile and Argentina in Tierra Del Fuego. MotoBirds had put on an extra shipping container from Chile to Poland, and emailed us about it with a great price. We had to leave due to coronavirus but MotoBirds managed to move our immobile bike from Punta Arenas to Santiago to ensure it could get home. We were given the details to track the bike when it was on the containership, and MotoBirds kept us updated with progress. In Poland customs asked for another piece of documentation we hadn’t provided, and Agata helped me through finding it and fixed the problem. The bike was then delivered from Poland to the UK where it arrived exactly how we had left it, including all our bags. They are a friendly team, always there for guidance and information. And the price was unbeatable for us! Thank you again, we are so glad to have our bike home and it wouldn’t have been possible without MotoBirds.


Riccardo Dezulian / Italy

14 May 2020

Hi MOTOBIRDS! I picked up my motorbike one week ago, in Trento (Italy) after a long trip across Chile, Argentina and Bolivia. I’ve used MotoBirds services only for the bike transport from Italy to Chile and back; and not for the group ride across South America (I’ve drived indipendently, with a friend of mine, with two bikes, deciding the route on our own). The transport service has been perfect! And the price is good, in comparison with other agencies offering a similar service. The bike has been handled carefully and has not suffered any demage. The most important note I want to point out is the bureaucracy aspect: MotoBirds takes care of all the customs procedures and the customer has only to sign some papers. This is a huge aid for the traveler (the biker). Thank you MOTOBIRDS!! Bye, Riccardo.


Piero Bertazzoli / Italy

22 April 2020

[translation from Italian] A very serious company that cares about shipping details. Finally the bike arrived safe and sound. Thank you Aleksandra, Agata, MotoBirds. For sure, when I need to transport the motorcycle again, I will do it with you. Bye.


Kosmita Andrzej / Poland

10 April 2020

[translation from Polish] I highly recommend, the best transport of quads!!


Benedict Stalder / Switzerland

7 April 2020

Our bikes are back from Chile ! Thank you MotoBirds Aleksandra, Guy, Agata for your fantastic service. We appreciated the professionalism, the precision, the knowledge in shipping and motorcycling in the countries you are shipping to. We appreciated your care and how you handled our requests. You are the best!

2020 – Google Review

We shipped our bikes from Switzerland to Chile and back and are super happy with MotoBirds. A great team who understands shipping AND Motorcycles AND the countries they ship to. We appreciated the kind and very human touch to it – this is something that counts when you are sending your beloved motorcycles far far away.


Martin Špirko / Slovakia

3 April 2020

[translation from Slovak] Thank you for the safe transport of the motorcycle from Slovakia to South America and back. A great team to work with!


Simone Vallieri / Italy

17 February 2020

Hello MotoBirds, I have just returned from Chile and I want to thank you and congratulate you for the transport service of my motorbike from Europe. Everything was perfect: punctuality, always prompt and fast communication, quick and smooth customs clearance. I don’t know when and where my next trip will be, but we will surely hear again. Thank you!



27 January 2020

[translation from Italian] Excellent, professional and taking care of every detail, we are very happy that we sent our motorcycle with them!


Marcin Suchoń / Poland

1 June 2019

[translation from Polish]We used the transport with my buddies to South America. Everything ran smoothly and on time. Ola is a fully professional person and willing to help, so the payment was exemplary. We only used transport, but we got a lot of valuable advice on various interesting places and motorcycle routes. I recommend.


Eglė Gerulaitytė / Lithuania

29 April 2019

I have recently shipped my bike from South America to Europe, and MotoBirds took care of absolutely everything. All I had to do was show up, hand the bike over, and wait for it to arrive in Europe – MotoBirds dealt with everything from prepping and packing the bike to customs and port paperwork on both Chilean and EU sides. Everything was done extremely efficiently and on time, and when I came to pick my bike up in Warsaw, all it needed was a little bit of chain oil – it started immediately and I could simply ride off. I can’t recommend MotoBirds enough – thank you so much for making international motorcycle shipping easy ❤️


George Thoms / Romania

19 April 2019

I shipped my bike twice to South America and each time Aleksandra proved to be very professional and reliable. Excellent service, friendly staff and on time delivery. I definitely recommend MotoBirds!




[translation from Polish] Full professionalism!!! I recommend it to all lovers of motorcycling.


Anna Żak / Poland

9 March 2019

[translation from Polish] MotoBirds is a great service from start to finish. The bike arrived at its destination on time and what I really liked was the constant contact and information about where the ship was etc. Such communication means that you don’t have to wonder what is going on with your bike and you know it is in good hands. I recommend it the most.




Thank you MotoBirds, thank you to the whole team! Quality, reliability and economically reasonable service. I left the bike in Valparaiso on February 11 at the Sititrans warehouse, it was delivered to my house on May 3, exactly the time MotoBirds informed me, keys in the ignition, suitcases open, as when leaving. Everything was there, the bike just as I had left it three months earlier. Congratulations MotoBirds, I’m counting on you on the next trip!!




Ozan Tuğcu / Türkiye

5 March 2021

I was looking for a company to transport my motorbike from Krakow to Ostrołęka and I found them. They are very professional and helpful, language is not a problem, they update you every step of the way and overall, the transport happened smoothly.


Andrei Kovacs / USA

2021 – Google Reviews

A great experience shipping my motorcycle from the USA to Poland; specifically from New York to Warsaw. MotoBirds are a super professional and quick responding team of experts. They were very detailed and supportive from the moment I dropped my motorcycle off at the port in New York all the way through to the pick up about 30 days later in Warsaw. I look forward to utilizing them again as I continue my travels throughout the world.




My experiences with MotoBirds were quite nice, they provide a great customer service, and are always up to their task.





Adam Chyciński / Poland

22 September 2020

[translation from Polish] I have not yet had the opportunity to taste her expeditions and I have not transported a motorcycle to a remote corner of the world. However, I had the opportunity to organize two events together and I know that Ola is a person with whom I can confidently cooperate and recommend to others. As soon as all this viral fuss and money and time will pass, I will start exploring the world with her. Keep it up, that’s a good way. Long but super cool. Be open to new ideas and challenges. Everything is possible. Apparently, it is enough to want it very much 🙂


Sylwia Barto / Poland

16 September 2020

[translation from Polish] Riding a motorcycle is a fantastic adventure, but you have to make sure that every trip off the asphalt ends not only with fantastic memories and nice shots in the form of commemorative photos. The most important thing is our safety and our skills that will ensure a comfortable and safe ride. We can acquire such skills under the watchful eye of Aleksandra Trzaskowska from MotoBirds, an individual approach in a friendly atmosphere makes you want more 🤗

Thank you Ola for the motivation ❤️




[translation from Polish] Very very very yes. Ola has a lot of patience, a lot of knowledge and what captivated me: a lot of self-denial, which she infects others with. He encourages you to take up the challenge, but does not push. Everything balanced and very pro. Thanks for the company on the first attempts and see you soon!


Agnieszka Radzymińska / Poland

19 August 2020

[translation from Polish] Girls / Guys, if you have any doubts, go for training organized by Aleksandra Trzaskowska like now. Substantive and methodological preparation at the highest level. That I will not even mention the organization anymore, because everything is buttoned up to the last button. Great riding areas. Full professionalism. I don’t regret a single penny spent there. And I will gladly collect and spend more. Ola, “Little you are Big”, as Cezary Żak used to say. 👏 😀


Anna Gawlik / Poland

17 August 2020

[translation from Polish] A few days ago I had a great pleasure to join the training organized by Aleksandra Trzaskowska and her MotoBirds 🙂 With even greater pleasure I wanted to write a few words and share a bit. Because it’s worth a lot.

Professionalism. This word, when you read the other reviews, comes up very often. And not without reason! I would like to add that it is professionalism in every inch and on every level.

Those who know me know that I am quite cautious about new things, about people I don’t know and whom I have to trust in some way. Especially entrust yourself and your motorcycle. I know… I know… motorcycles are madness, fun, spontaneity, speed… etc etc. And everything is correct, only I need to feel safe first, and then the slow process of acquiring skills begins I am really resistant

Ola… from the first moment you made me feel that way. Safe. So the time for madness came later 😉 I could afford it, because I knew that you were out there somewhere, you would give me a hint in case of anything, suggest or advise against it, if it’s not time yet 🙂 Or, if necessary, you run next to the motorcycle, on the water … to just make sure nothing happens ❤️❤️❤️

And that’s Ola. Self-possessed, the power of calm, looking for solutions, motivating. She is 100% rational in assessing situations – which is priceless for me. And at the same time, there is also time for spontaneity, for fun and stomach ache from laughter 🙂 Such a combination is not easy for the organizer.

I am very glad that I met Ola, both you and your girls. I hope that we will see each other again, but these few days have already been in my drawer with memories. The ones that will always be with me 🙂 Some things can’t be forgotten 🙂 If someone doesn’t have such a drawer with motorcycle dreams yet, I recommend taking a look at Ola’s website 😘 She’ll come up with something 🥰


Jolanta Łuszczyńska / Poland

23 July 2020

[translation from Polish] First Eagle training and adventure rally – this is my first event with MotoBirds. Events are created by people and those whom I had the opportunity to meet are true professionals. Aleksandra Trzaskowska – a master of logistics – first organized an enduro training with great trainers and then led the rally in such a way that everything could be trained on the road. She took care of wonderful gravel, sand, charming forest and field ducts of Warmia, even good weather 😉 and it’s all in a very friendly atmosphere full of energy Orlice 😁

I recommend to all undecided and see you 😀😘

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