We know what to see during a trip to Canada!
A motorcycle expedition to Canada is an excellent choice for any solo rider. It is a safe country with developed infrastructure, making it easy to tour alone - or with some friends. There's plenty to be said about Canada: breathtaking landscapes, wild-west animals, national parks, rocky mountains, glaciers and lots of space. Check out some ideas of what to see before you plan your dream trip!
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Himalayas are mountains full of secrets, read here what you won’t learn about them in any guidebook
The Himalayas are mountains that have become a symbol of challenges and overcoming one's weaknesses. Maybe that's why, sometimes it's easy to forget that the Himalayas offer much more than breathtaking scenery. Today we take you on a journey that will be less about the mountains and more about the people and history. And about how different the Himalayas are, depending on whether you visit Nepal or India.
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How to choose a motorcycle tour - MotoBirds classification
How to choose a motorcycle tour – MotoBirds classification
How to choose a motorcycle tour that meets our expectations? Read this article and find out what we at MotoBirds have done to make your task easier and help you choose the perfect solution.
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Do You Know Where the Dalai Lama Lives?
This is an article about Dharamshala that you can read in just 5 minutes. However, we also had to write about the fact that this wonderful city in India is where the Dalai Lama lives. The presence of the Tibetans greatly shapes this place. However, anyone who thinks that Dharamsala is so special only because of the presence of Buddhist monks is wrong.
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motorcycle salar de uyuni
What superpowers are required to travel around the world on a motorcycle?
Do you need superpowers to travel the world on a motorcycle? It depends. It depends on what tour you are going on and what superpower means to you. We believe that you don't need to wield a powerful hammer or have superhuman telekinesis to do great on our expedition. So what helps and can it be called a superpower? You will learn more from the article.
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We bust 8 myths that may be holding you back from traveling to Latin America
We bust 8 myths that may be holding you back from traveling to Latin America
Do you dream of traveling to Latin America, but the shots from Hollywood productions made you hesitant? Drug cartels, a permanent carnival and chillies that can burn a hole in the stomach. Rest assured, most of these stories are exaggerated to say the least.
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