Do you still believe that only men have what it takes to conquer the Himalayas on motorbikes?

May 11, 2022

After two years of forced “covid” break, we finally return to the Himalayan tracks. We were tempted to write about emotions, stubbornness and this amazing feeling you get when you achieve the seemingly impossible.  We then remembered the movie… Today, instead of scrolling through your Instagram feed, check out our short movie: It shows what women can do when they dare to take up a challenge.

The objective of the Himalayan motorcycle expedition

We already feel the surge in emotion in the plane. After all, we are flying to the Himalayas – the highest mountain range on Earth.  There are as many as 10 summits exceeding 8,000 meters, out of the 14 in the world. We have an ambitious goals. Part of the plan  is to conquer the Khardung La pass in India. It is the second highest pass in the world, open to traffic.

Spoiler alert! You will see this mountain pass in the video.


Guess what we gained from our expedition to the Himalayas?

Imagine a place rarely visited by tourists, the locals live far from the drumming noise of civilization, and the food… you just have to experience it! And these are the experiences, among many others, that are sure to stay in your heart forever. Giving riders those memories is why we love traveling so much. 

The part of India where we take our lady-bikers is raw, rough and intense. But at the same time, it is full of colors and fragrances. You take it in with all your senses. It is a priceless experience. It’s hard to describe all this without being on location, however the camera operator did a pretty good job at sharing some of what makes the Himalayas so special.


It’s great to be a woman!

Motorcycles give you freedom of course. The group, on the other hand, provides support and security. It’s amazing how women are able to support each other. At every stage of our trip, we felt that we had a common goal to achieve. Is it true that you can also feel it in the movie?

Typically, women are also better organized. In difficult riding conditions, when unpredictable situations result in lost time, these organization skills are very important. The ladies on this motorcycle adventure do not need to oversleep, or waste half a day chasing for beer in the most remote places. This is one of the strengths of women, who don’t feel like they have to let go of their feminine side. 

Enough of writing about a movie, which you can see right away. It’s really worth it, especially if you are wondering if such a motorcycle tour is something for you. We bet you’re curious to know more, and we’re keen to share these beautiful moments with you!




Did you like the movie? We will immodestly add that it won an award that is important to us, as you can see in the short video below.

And if after watching you feel unsatisfied, you can also read about a trip to the Himalayas in another article on the blog Women-only, Motorbikes and Himalayas – how it all began…

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