Something for female motorcyclists – an in-depth test of the Scott Priority GTX women’s adventure motorcycle suit

Apr 1, 2024

Explore the Scott Priority GTX Adventure Suit: a newcomer in women’s motorcycling gear offering comfort, protection, and versatility. Designed for the adventurous female rider, this suit’s review will give you an in-depth look at this new product. Despite some room for improvement in ventilation and pocket space, the Scott Priority GTX emerges as a top choice for those seeking reliable gear for the long haul. Learn why it could be a reliable choice.

In the motorcycle world, women often find themselves in a tough spot when it comes to clothing. This is especially felt in the adventure sector, in terms of women’s motorcycle suits. There is a wide selection of urban outfits available on the market, but the offer for longer trips off the beaten path is still small.

For a long time, the benchmark for women’s adventure suits was Klim with its Artemis model. We have already published a test of this model on our blog. We have been using this suit for many years and many thousands of kilometers.

Recently, the Swiss company Scott-Sport introduced a new line of adventure suits for female motorcyclists – Scott Priority GTX. We were able to test this set in really tough conditions in Nepal during our last expedition. This article is the result of our tests. This article is NOT SPONSORED, and our thoughts are based on our own experience.


Scott & MotoBirds

What Scott-Sport says


Not much, really. It’s a suit made of 3-layer Gore-Tex, waterproof and designed as 3-season. But you will find few details about this suit. Maybe apart from a rather difficult-to-digest technical specification.


The pants fit perfectly to the female silhouette. They are comfortable to wear, with or without the detachable thermal layer. They fit well on the hips and are easy to adjust to individual body shapes.

The jacket is also very comfortable to wear: it is light considering the nature of the product and the amount of protectors, and the material is relatively flexible. The back is slightly elongated, which helps stay dry, even when riding with a backpack. When you lean over, the lower back remains covered.


The manufacturer thought of details that make this outfit user-friendly: The pants are adjustable at the waist, not with Velcro, as is the case with almost all suits, but with a zipper. The jacket’s collar “closes” with a small magnet. Other products on the market often use Velcro, which wears out quickly, and then the jacket collar does not close properly anymore. Scott has thought these details through well, which also matters for the product’s durability.

Moreover, it is comfortable to ride with the collar closed or open. In the great heat, it makes a big difference.

Scott included a small microfiber cloth for cleaning the visor or goggles with the suit. This gadget is attached to a rubber band, in one of the jacket pockets. It’s a detail, of course, but it shows that the manufacturer really tried to think of everything. For us, this cloth was really useful!

Even after a long day on the motorcycle, the suit never became uncomfortable. In terms of user comfort and product design, I would say that Scott Priority GTX deserves a 5/5.

3 Seasons?


I’m not sure if I understand the definition of “3 seasons” . The question should be posed differently: is this an adventure suit that can be worn in all weather conditions and different climates. In our work, we don’t have time to put on or take off rain suits, nor to add or remove layers / liners depending on whether it’s warmer or cooler. The suit must adapt to us, not the other way around. Of course, we usually ride in countries where it’s generally warmer than in Europe, but sometimes also in snow.

During our last trip to Nepal, I had the “perfect” conditions to really test the Scott Priority GTX set.

In Kathmandu, it was 38 °C with stifling humidity. The ventilation of the Scott set, in my opinion, showed its limitations in these conditions. Then it started to rain. It wasn’t a light summer rain, but a real downpour that lasted three full days. Roads were washed away, and trails turned into rivers! Finally, in Lo Manthang in Upper Mustang, temperatures dropped to a cold 5 degrees in the morning (the thermal layer of the suit was not needed even at this temperature). It was one of the most challenging trips in terms of climate and weather conditions I remember.


The Scott Priority GTX set performed flawlessly during this expedition. I was dry, and even in the morning cold at an altitude of 4,500 meters above sea level, I did not get cold. It was surprising how well this set performed in different weather conditions. Although, in my opinion, it performs worse in the heat.

Scott & MotoBirds

I’m not sure if the thermal liners provided by Scott are really needed. In practice, I only used base layers for thermal regulation



At first glance, the Scott Priority GTX set surprises with a small number of ventilation points, both in the pants and the jacket. However, the air intakes are very well positioned and perform well in moderate and warm temperatures. Unfortunately, there is a lack of ventilation in the back of the pants and sleeves to be truly effective in hot climates. All motorcycle suits are “uncomfortable” in hot climates, but vents in the back of the sleeves and legs would be a real plus.

Scott & MotoBirds
scott & MotoBirds



This point is important. If you ride a motorcycle long enough, you know that sooner or later you will fall. It’s not “if,” but “when.” The Scott Priority GTX set is equipped with level 2 protectors. The level of protection is a measure of impact force absorption. The force transferred to the body from the same impact is half as much between a level 1 protector and a level 2 protector.

However, pay attention to an important detail. The back protector is not included with the jacket, just like the chest protectors. You have to go to the store to purchase them separately. The places for these protectors are provided, but you have to get them yourself.

This is clearly indicated on the product card, so it’s not a surprise, though it is somewhat cumbersome in practice.



The protectors are well placed and do not shift while walking or using the suit. I did not have falls while testing the Scott Priority GTX suits, so I don’t know how the outer part of the suit withstands sliding on gravel or asphalt.

Nepal & MotoBirds
Nepal & MotoBirds



The pockets of the Scott Priority GTX set are waterproof. That’s a big plus. There’s no need to pack everything in plastic bags in your pockets!

However, in our opinion, Scott was rather too conservative when it comes to the number of pockets. The pants have only two small jean-type pockets, but nothing at the level of the thighs. The jacket also has too few pockets, too small. On a trip, you always need pockets for money, documents, phone, power bank, glasses, etc. This set does not have enough pocket space for all these things. So, I had to rely on my backpack. A few additional pockets would be really welcome for greater ease of use. It would be a big plus.

Waterproof or not?

There are nuances with which manufacturers sometimes play: water resistant (translation: you will get wet if you ride in the rain other than a light drizzle for a few minutes) or waterproof… But how waterproof exactly and for how long?

Well, after riding in the downpour for several hours non-stop, for 3 days in a row, I can confirm that the suit is really waterproof even in these extreme conditions. It performed really well. It’s a high-class product that remains fully functional, even during exceptional and continuous torrential rains. A true 5/5!

Nepal & MotoBirds

Minor Concerns


The zipper that closes the jacket is exposed. This in itself is not a problem, as it remains waterproof. However, I wonder if over time dust will not wear it out prematurely? All other suits have the zipper protected behind the jacket material, and dust remains a problem. We’ll see how it goes over time!

The bottom of the pants is somewhat narrow to slip the pants over motocross boots. During off-road trips, I usually use motocross boots. For those who use less bulky adventure-type boots, this will not be a problem.


Scott-Sport is quite sparse in its instructions. Since the product is made with a Gore-Tex membrane, it’s easiest to refer to the manufacturer’s website. The suit must be maintained after each longer expedition, but this way the membrane will remain effective and you won’t get wet! So, it’s worth the trouble.

Scott, due to the zippers and leather reinforcements, does not recommend using a dryer for maintenance (which, on the other hand, is recommended on the gore-tex site), fearing damage to these elements. If you don’t use a dryer, you can re-impregnate the set and leave it to dry.

Nepal & MotoBirds



There’s not much choice in this area… Better like black and gray. Those are the only available colors. I regret a bit that the set is not available in lighter shades, which, in our opinion, perform better in the heat and are less prone to dirt.




Unfortunately, Scott does not offer a repair service. That’s a big minus. I don’t know how it works in other countries, but in Poland, there are not many craftsmen willing to repair Gore-tex membranes.




In case of a complaint, you must send the product back to Scott-Sport (at your own expense): Rte du Crochet 11, 1762 Givisiez, Switzerland. Material defects are then assessed for a decision. In case of a defect, the product is exchanged for a new one.

Nepal & MotoBirds
Nepal & MotoBirds



Scott, in my opinion, has really put a lot of effort into creating a product intended for women who like adventure motorcycle trips. It’s a very successful set of high-class clothes, which is hard to fault. I was a bit worried before the first ride in a new set in the high mountains, “at the end” of the world. But it was a great surprise!

If you are considering buying a universal motorcycle suit for all seasons and ride a lot on a motorcycle, Scott Priority GTX will not disappoint you. In this set, you can confidently go on any expedition. The suit will keep you dry in all circumstances and provide you with the appropriate level of protection. You may like (or not) the color of the product, but the cut is definitely adapted to female silhouettes.

The downside is that Scott does not offer any repair facility. If necessary, you will therefore have to find a local craftsman or deal with the issue yourself.

In summary: the Scott Priority GTX set of clothes is a great value for the price.

Nepal & MotoBirds


  • Waterproof, even the pockets!
  • Adapted to various weather conditions
  • Comfortable
  • Many well-thought-out details
  • High level of protection


  • Too few pockets of the right size
  • Lack of color choice
  • Difficult to slip the pants over motocross boots
  • No repair service
  • Too weak ventilation for the heat

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