Portable motorcycle side stand. OUR SECRET WEAPON FOR MOTORBIKE TRAVEL

Sep 8, 2021

If, like us, you regularly go on motorcycle trips, this entry should interest you! 

Probably at least once you had a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. And if not, sooner or later it’ll happen… You probably also cringe at the idea to lubricate the chain at the end of a long day in the saddle. If you do not have a central stand on your motorcycle, these topics sometimes grow to become real problems. We know what it’s like to have to pull the wheel off the bike when you have nothing to support it on, and there is absolutely nothing around you that can help. In such situations, one item helps us enormously. Maybe you will find it useful as well?

If you travel on a motorcycle that does not have a central stand, every puncture or chain lubrication comes as a new problem… We know from experience that if the motorcycle is loaded, the problem gets even bigger. 

portable motorcycle stanless steel side-stand MotoBirds

You might need to remove all or almost all the luggage from the motorcycle – to start with. In such situations, there is usually no suitable flat rock or tree stump nearby, that could be used as a support. There’s never enough time for everything, and we are tired when this happens. As the French saying goes, a misfortune never happens alone… So, what to do in such situations?


Initially, we purchased a portable side-stand from one of the leading online motorcycle stores. Unfortunately, it cracked on the first use in the field. Although the concept was something we liked very much, the product turned out to be rubbish :-/


It was then that we began to think about our own, improved solution that would make our lives easier in emergency situations. Our secret travel “silver bullet” is a portable stand – the MotoBirds portable side stand! Granted, it will not prevent punctures, but we guarantee that it will make their repair much easier.



A few years ago, we designed and built our first portable side-stand. Since then, it has been with us on every motorcycle trip. We’ve seen what works well and what needs improvement. After a few seasons, we came up with an improved design. It is adjustable enough to be suitable for every motorcycle on the market. It is easier to pack, much lighter than before (400g), with fewer parts, and is indestructible. We made it of medical grade stainless steel, so it never corrodes. It is hand-built by a medical manufacturer, using the latest laser cutting and welding tools. Look at the weld finish – our manufacturer really knows how to weld stainless steel!


The design of the portable motorcycle side stand foot prevents it from sinking into soft ground. It won’t even sink in soft sand! You wouldn’t want the motorcycle you’re trying to fix land on your head…

The side-stand can be used to lift both the rear and front of the motorcycle.

If you have just punctured the front, just hook it under the front of the engine cover. In this case, just remember that the motorcycle must be in gear!

If you want to lift the rear wheel (puncture or chain lubrication), you place the leg under the rear swing-arm on the right side. In this case, put a strap on the handle of the front brake to lock it. Any strap you use to attach luggage works very well 🙂

In our new design, the pin that locks the side-stand at the right height is also made of stainless steel. At the same time, it is flexible enough not to “pinch” your fingers when you try to install or remove it. This was a recurrent problem with our first design and we always used gloves to install the pin…

portable motorcycle side-stand MotoBirds
stainless steel motorcycle portable side-stand by MotoBirds
stainless steel motorcycle side-stand by MotoBirds
portable motorcycle side-stand by MotoBirds


Chain lubrication becomes child’s play thanks to the side stand. Se can now properly lubricate the chain in less than a minute. When traveling on a long-distance motorcycle trip, we’re often dead tired at the end of the day. The last thing most of us want to do, is spend too much time looking after technical topics related to servicing a motorcycle.

Thanks to the portable side stand, you will have no problem lifting the rear wheel of the motorcycle and quickly lubricating the chain. You can then be off to that cold beer waiting for you!



If, like us, you had the “pleasure” of patching tubes several times a day and removing the wheel from the motorcycle, a portable side should solve your problems! With this, you can easily keep your motorcycle in an upright position and quickly remove or re-install the wheel. Repairing a tire is still a pain, but at least its assembly and disassembly goes quickly!



We know well that a portable motorcycle side stand is an item that every biker needs when traveling, that is, if the bike does not have a central stand 😉

You can order the portable side stand from us at MotoBirds – we have just started their production!

Send us a message on info@localhost

???? Price: 250 PLN + shipping


Safe riding!

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