Portable motorcycle side stand – Motobirds

Portable motorcycle side stand – Motobirds

Can you imagine patching a hole or even replacing the entire wheel without having to lift the bike? Neither are we. That is why we present you our proprietary project – a portable Motobirds motorcycle foot! Take it with you on any trip.

Everyone who travels the world by motorcycle knows that the kickstand is an important element of equipment, without which it is not worth setting off on the road.


The Motobirds kickstand is adjustable in length. You can easily adjust it to your motorcycle, regardless of its weight or size. The foot weighs only 400 g. You can pack it in a bag or backpack and you will not feel any difference in the weight of your luggage. Despite its lightness, the prop is solid and (we can confidently say) indestructibl


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Imagine this situation – you are on a motorcycle trip. Suddenly you notice that your tire is leaking air. What are you doing? Do you take your motorcycle off and put it on the ground? Not! You are using a footer! Unfortunately, more and more companies decide to “slim down” their vehicles. Seemingly unnecessary elements are thrown out, and parts are replaced with lighter ones. Many motorcycles do not have a control unit, i.e. a central stand, thanks to which it is possible to place the motorcycle in a vertical position. That is why at Motobirds we decided to create something that will make it easier for you to properly care for your vehicle.

Are you wondering if such a purchase is profitable? Yes of course! Placing a motorcycle on the asphalt or lawn may end tragically for your machine – faults, leaking fuel all generate additional costs, and it is better to spend this money on the next ride.

Chain lubrication

Riding a motorbike is great, but aside from the excursions, maintenance is also required. We know how tedious these tasks are. If it were possible, we would put it off until a later date. With a motorcycle sidestand, chain lubrication becomes much easier! It only takes a few moments to do this.

Repair or change a wheel

Replacing a damaged wheel without a stand is very demanding. Regardless of how long you drive and how experienced you are, sooner or later it will be necessary to repair or replace the damaged part. With Motobirds motorcycle base with you, the task will be much easier!


The design has been thoroughly thought out. We wanted to create a footer that would be not only resistant to damage, but also functional. The design of the foot prevents it from sinking into soft ground. In the event of a defect, the wheel can be replaced anywhere. The super motorcycle stand has a large, stable base. It can be used to lift the rear as well as the front of the vehicle.

Take care of your comfort and safety today. Take a motorcycle stand for every trip, and you will not be afraid of any faults. Wide and safe road!

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