I started the Motorbirds adventure project in 2016. During the first few seasons our trips were for women only. We travelled through the Himalayas, the highest mountains in the world, we visited the Tien Shan mountains and distant regions of Kyrgyzstan. Every year we push our goals further and we visit new places. As well as women-only adventures, from 2018, I am organising trips which men are welcome to join.  

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Do you want to spend the adventure of a lifetime with your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or with your friends? My years of experience in organizing trips for women and men guarantee that Motobirds trips are safe, interesting and adventourus at the same time. As part of our service I also offer vehicle and in particular, motorbike transport. Join a Motobirds tailor made trip !


How it all started…

Many years ago a Polish women-only climbing team led by Wanda Rutkiewicz reached the highest peaks of the Himalayas. Fast-forward to current days and nobody is surprised by a woman climbing an eight-thousander. We, Motorbirds, also have our Everests to climb. This is why I started to organize women-only motorcycle trips – the way we like it, with a friendly team loaded with positive vibes. As the co-founder and co-owner of I have several years experience in organizing trips and motorbike transports for both men and women. In 2016 I led the first women-only motorbike group to the Indian Himalaya. Riding there on classic Royal Enfields we travelled through the highest mountians and passes in the world. A year later we discovered the distant regions of Kyrgyzstan and Tien Shan mountains. Every year we set new targets, we visit new places, we make new friends. Since the very beginning there was a lot of interest in Motobirds advenutres and soon it turned out that men would like to join us. Some of the Motobirds team members also wanted to travel with their husbands, boyfriends and sons. So from 2018 I am expanding the Motobirds services Women-only motorbike trips remain the core of what we do, but as well, new projects, where the men are also invited, are part of what we can do for you. I can also organise vehicle, in particular motorbike, transport services. My years of experience and know–how in this field guarantee a professional approach. Do you want to travel with Motorbirds on your own bike? No problem. Do you only want to have it transported and custom cleared ? – I can provide this service too.