Motorbike Soft Luggage Test: Givi Canyon GRT709 35L vs. Mosko Moto Backcountry 35L

Motorbike Soft Luggage Test: Givi Canyon GRT709 35L vs. Mosko Moto Backcountry 35L

Motorbike Soft Luggage Test: Givi Canyon GRT709 35L vs. Mosko Moto Backcountry 35L

If you are looking at your options to choose a motorbike soft luggage system, you came to the right place! Panniers are a significant investment and we wanted to share our experience with soft motorbike luggage systems we have a chance to use over the years. Hopefully our experience will help you make an educated decision that you’ll be satisfied with.

We had the opportunity to ride with both soft luggage systems, predominantly off-road over 30,000 km, in all kinds of terrain and conditions. We used these soft panniers for what they were advertised for. We never load more than 7kg per pannier and we used them in off-road adventure rides in Europe, South America and Asia.





  • Givi Canyon shows a red frame with “ADVENTURE” written in it on their website. We assume the intention is to broadly describe the intended use of the pannier system. They only say their luggage is “designed for Enduro and off-road motorcycle –> MORE INFO HERE
  • Mosko Moto are more specific: “The Backcountry Pannier is our flagship product, designed for long-distance adventure touring, hardcore enduro-style riding, and camping from your bike … This is the system for long distance travelers, and people living off their bikes. Guides, instructors, and RTW riders.” –> MORE INFO HER


We’ll give you here our unbiased opinion, having travelled with both motorbike soft luggage systems.

These itemss were not given to us for endorsement or sponsorship: we don’t need to sugarcoat things to do product placement. We first purchased the Givi Canyon, because we could not afford the Mosko Moto panniers 😉 Then we paid the full price for Mosko Moto, ouch!

Givi Canyon GRT709 35L
Mosko Moto Backcountry 35L




How are the panniers attached to the bike?


Both manufacturers use a similar system to attach the pannier to the motorcycle rack. A nylon or plastic plate is attached to the rack (tubular) with retainers and screws. Both systems are equally easy to mount.

Motorbike Luggage System Test
Motorbike Luggage System Test


Givi 3/10: Uses plastic retainers and smaller screws than Mosko Moto. Givi is using a hard plastic (or nylon maybe) plate on which the pannier slides and locks into the retaining plate with 4 hooks. Their system has the pannier hanging on these hooks onto the retaining plate.  Although the fasteners are plastic, they did not break in our case.

Unfortunately, with time, the plastic plate on the back of the pannier, the hooks and the plate attached to the rack wears off. The wear is caused by the dirt and the vibrations. This means that there is no longer a positive snug fit between the retaining plate and the pannier. As a result the panniers are rattling. There is no chance of the pannier falling off, as there is additional anchoring to the top thanks to the metallic locking mechanism.


Mosko Moto 10/10: The nylon plate is thick and of higher density than what is found on the Givi Canyon panniers. The retaining plate is attached to the motorcycle rack with metal fasteners (not plastic). These fasteners fit perfectly to the KTM 790 or KTM 690 racks. The pannier slides onto the retaining plate and is perfectly snug. After 30,000 km riding in all terrains, there is absolutely no sign of wear. The panniers still fit like on the first day, they still have a very snug and tight fit. Nothing rattles.




If you are concerned that your panniers might be stolen.


Givi & Mosko Moto 10/10:  Both pannier systems use slightly different concepts, but they both work as intended.

Givi has a lock & key which turns an angled metal plate 90 degrees to lock the panier to the retaining plate. Don’t forget to put the dust cover on the lock, if you don’t want the locking mechanism to jam.

Mosko Moto uses a small metal plate with their own mechanism to anchor the pannier into place. It’s elegant and simple. If you need to lock the panniers onto the motorbike, a small padlock has to be installed however. We use zip-ties instead of padlocks 🙂




Everybody wants to know if chosen motorbike soft luggage really is waterproof before buying. You don’t want to have soaked clothes and nothing to wear at the end of a riding day.


Givi 9/10: the Canyon panniers can be ridden under pouring rain, snow or be covered in mud. They are totally waterproof: our stuff was never even humid. 

However, the panniers were fitted on a KTM 690 Enduro R, which has a rear fuel tank. After dropping the bike, a small quantity of fuel spilled on the pannier. Everything inside the pannier smelled like it has been dipped in petrol…  We had to wash the inside liner of the pannier (and all of the stuff) several times with strong detergents to get rid of most of the smell. Conclusion: the inside liner is porous to fuel. If your motorcycle does not have a rear fuel tank or if you never drop fuel on your luggage, then no problem.


Mosko Moto 10/10: Water proof, mud proof, fuel proof, bomb proof and probably anything proof. 100% approved!




How easy is it to adapt the pannier to our specific needs, by attaching or removing pockets or other attachments.


Givi 7/10: Givi writes that they have a MOLLE system which allows the rider to add the following items to the pannier: “10 included M.O.L.L.E. fasteners (4 Double-D ring straps, 4 elastic straps, 2 universal hooks)”. What Givi doesn’t tell you about their adventure motorcycle panniers, is that the items they give you are in fact made of flimsy cheap plastic.  In fact, it looks like stuff for kids. The MOLLE items provided with the Givi Canyon pannier system are useless for any motorbike related activity. The Givi Canyon panniers have no added modularity with them. There are MOLLE straps on the bags, so arguably you could use real MOLLE thingies to attach to them – if you really wanted to. The only explanation we could think of is that this must be the result of a marketing benchmarking exercise. They needed to have a MOLLE system (like Mosko Moto?). In our opinion, the Canyon panniers really don’t need it thanks to their integrated front and back pockets.

The front and back pockets of the Canyon panniers are convenient, easy to use and have the right size. They are the solution Givi chose in lieu of the MOLLE pockets sold separately by Mosko Moto. Both front and back pockets come with removable waterproof bags. These bags are made of the same material as the inside liner of the pannier and they are waterproof. The pannier and pockets pack well and are easy to compress. The material is easy to roll to close the pannier. You also don’t need to fork out extra cash to have those pockets.


Mosko Moto 10/10:  They have a MOLLE system and it works perfectly. You need it to expand the range of use of the pannier (for additional money). No cheap stuff here, but you do get what you pay for. We love the possibility to use a pocket for a water bladder directly from the bike for example – the pocket has a small bottom opening that makes this possible.  These details show the amount of thinking that went into designing the system.  

The Backcountry pannier system is truly modular, and the guys that designed it knew what they were doing.




We’re sure you would like to know if your luggage system will potentially survivre a spill.  


Every fall is different. There are many gravels and a billion other possible factors that influence potential damages when you drop your motorcycle.  

We did have slides in gravel with both pannier systems. Yes, it happened on different occasions, countries, speeds, etc. So, this is obviously not the result of a scientific experimentation. We did not measure speed, rock characteristics, angles, repeat the experimentation, etc. We fell in gravel, in curves, inspected the damage and that is what we think.


Givi 9/10: We fell after being over enthusiastic with the rear brake and underestimating the depth of the gravel in a turn. The bike was probably moving at a speed of maximum 30-35km/h when it fell and slid to a halt in gravel.

The damage: there were small cuts to the fabric of the bag. The integrity of the pannier was intact. We remember being surprised that there was not more damage. The Givi Canyon did what it was supposed to. Athough, it left the site with some small scars. Good stuff but not totally bomb proof.


Mosko Moto 10/10: We dropped the bike coming out of a turn in coarse fresh gravel at a speed of probably 30 km/h.

The damage: After the thrill & spill in gravel, we washed the Backcountry pannier to inspect it. It was as good as new! We have no clue what materials Mosko Moto panniers are made of, but it’s really good.




How long will the luggage system last before showing signs of wear.


Givi 3/10: One of the biggest problems is the following: the Canyon panniers have a metal tube on the upper side of each pannier. The metal tube is intended to prevent the outer fabric of the pannier from stretching at the point where they are attached to the corners of the plastic plate at the back of the pannier. That metal tube is cutting into the fabric. 3 weeks into our first trip with those bags and we had to use a duct tape to keep that tube from sliding out…  not fun!

Yes, the panniers are not bad, but this point smells of an engineering after-thought, to try to compensate for thinner material – it merely shifted the problem. Givi did not manage to engineer their way out of cheaper materials.

You can keep on using the panniers, but make sure you keep duct tape handy. You’ll need it. Also, you’ll need to keep an eye on these tubes to make sure they don’t slide out completely.

As we mentioned previously, the wear between the retaining plate attached to the rack and that of the pannier is a problem as well.


Mosko Moto 10/10: The system looks and performs as on the first day.


Motorbike Soft Luggage Test
Givi Canyon Luggage System




Will you be able to carry what you need on your trip?


Givi 6/10: Givi does not mention a maximum load on their website. The retailer Louis.eu however says that the maximum weight to be carried in each pannier is 5kg per pannier MORE INFO HERE. But still, we don’t really know what the panniers were engineered for. 

We used them on expeditions and camping trips, which we assume fit under the broad “adventure” description of the pannier system.  We always weigh the bags before going on a longer trip and typically we pack around 7kg per bag. We loaded both the Givi Canyon and the Mosko Moto Backcountry panniers equally. The Canyon shows clear signs of wear with 3-4mm of play between the retaining plate and the bag. 


Mosko Moto 10/10: The Backcountry system is still as good as new. They probably don’t need to indicate a max weight, or at least we could not find it. The panniers are extremely strong and our experience suggests the Mosko Moto will carry what you pack.


Motorbike Luggage System
motorcycle luggage system mount





Both Givi and Mosko Moto use the same solution: adjusting the retaining plate position vertically. Both systems work fine in our opinion. Anyway, after it was adjusted, we never looked at it again. That speaks for itself 😉





If you’ve stayed with us this far, you know where our heart lies and why… The Backcountry panniers perform exactly as Mosko Moto advertise them. It is a great product that will perform flawlessly for years. The price will make your eyes water though 😉  If you have the use for all the tremendous value built in them, and can afford them, they are absolutely worth every penny. You’ll probably never buy any other brand afterwards.

If you’re on a tighter budget. If you ride sporadically. If you want a pannier system that will do the job and can live with the shortcomings, then the Givi Canyon is not a bad pannier system, and is certainly more affordable.


We’ve heard some people describing the Givi Canyon as a cheap knock-off of the Mosko Moto Backcountry panniers. Having tested both, we would agree. We’re sure Givi, being a global brand, makes some great products. However, the Canyon soft luggage system could really be better. The overall design is quite good (they possibly had a look at what Mosko Moto did), but it’s a shame they’ve cut corners with the materials.





  • The Givi panniers can be found at most online motorcycle gear retailers
  • Mosko Moto does not sell via retailers. You order directly from their website, also in Europe: https://moskomoto.eu


Motorcycle tours, transport and training with MotoBirds. Get to know us.

Motorcycle tours, transport and training with MotoBirds. Get to know us.

Motorcycle tours, transport and training with MotoBirds. Get to know us.

Motorcycle tours around the world, vehicle transport and motorcycle training for everyone. Whether you are familiar with MotoBirds or you are here for the first time, we want to introduce you to the structure of our business. Over the past few years, we have grown so much that it happens that people who have been with us longer know only part of what MotoBirds do. So they are surprised when they discover a new branch of our activity (for them). And the range of options is constantly growing! We started with motorcycle tours for women, at the same time organizing motorcycle tours in South America and Asia. It is with them that many people associate us, but that’s not all!



MotoBirds was created out of the need to make our dreams come true on our own terms.


We have always been fascinated by motorcycles and traveling, but we like to combine both passions the most. For many years we have traveled on motorcycle tours around the world, and since 2013 our passion has also become our job. Years of practice helped us organize trips at the highest level. The fact that a woman – Aleksandra Trzaskowska – was behind the whole project from the beginning turned out to be an additional advantage. A person who has always felt at home in the male automotive world brought a new, feminine point of view to it. It was Aleksandra who in 2016 initiated the project of unique female motorcycle tours “Female Only” / “Tylko dla Orlic”, which we are constantly developing to this day. Since 2017, under the MotoBirds brand, we organize motorcycle tours for both female and male motorcyclists.


Who uses MotoBirds the most?


Our services are addressed to both LADIES and MEN and owners of not only MOTORCYCLES, but also QUADS and 4X4 VEHICLES. Sometimes we are misidentified with a company that provides services only to women. We started with women’s tours a few years ago and we continue to develop the project “Female Only” / “Tylko dla Orlic”. However, in the first year of our activity, quite a lot of men participated in the other tours we organized. They also constituted by far the overwhelming majority of people who used motorcycle transport services.


To what extent can individuals and groups of people use MotoBirds services?


  • Motorcycle Tours around Poland as part of the “Meet Poland with MotoBirds” project – for EVERYONE
  • Motorcycle Tours for ladies “Female Only” / “Tylko dla Orlic” – events ONLY FOR WOMEN
  • MotoBirds Motorcycle Tours – for EVERYONE
  • Tailor-made Tours – for EVERYONE
  • Transport of motorcycles, quads, 4×4 cars – for EVERYONE
  • Mechanical Training for women “Female Only” / “Tylko dla Orlic” 
  • Motorcycle Training in riding technique for women “Female Only” / “Tylko dla Orlic”



Motorcycle tours, trips and expeditions 😉 This is the MotoBirds offer of motorcycle tours around Poland, Europe and distant corners of the world.


Motorcycle tours around Poland as part of the “Meet Poland with MotoBirds” project – we invite both ladies and gentlemen.

From the 2021 season, we are starting a new project. We want to show you the most interesting corners of Poland. We know great routes and unique monuments. Do you want to get to know your country better or just start discovering Poland? This program is for you! We have prepared 12 extended weekends during which we will get to know different regions of Poland. For people who will take part in the entire cycle or at least half of it, we have a gift!

Motorcycle tours in Poland by MotoBirds
Motorcycle tours in Poland by MotoBirds



Women’s motorcycle trips – that is our project “Female Only” / “Tylko dla Orlic”

As part of the “Tylko dla Orlic” project, female motorcyclists can go with us on motorcycle trips in a strictly female circle. The expeditions vary in difficulty and are organized in different parts of the world, including Poland. No matter how long you ride a motorcycle and how advanced or beginner you are, you will surely find something for yourself among our proposals. Do you feel more at ease in the company of women? Join us!

female motorcycle tours by MotoBirds
female motorcycle tours by MotoBirds



MotoBirds motorcycle tours for EVERYONE

Both ladies and gentlemen can take part in any other trips organized by MotoBirds. In this case, you can meet both ladies and gentlemen in the tour team. We strive to ensure that everyone can find something interesting among our proposals, corresponding to their needs and possibilities. Regardless of whether you are a woman or a man, what motorcycle you ride, whether you like asphalt or terrain, riding solo or with a passenger, in our offer you will find something for yourself. Since 2021, apart from tours to the far corners of the world, we have also been dynamically operating within Europe and the previously discussed Poland.

motorcycle tours in Himalaya by MotoBirds
motorcycle tours in South America by MotoBirds



Tailor-made motorcycle tours – dedicated to every traveler, both LADIES and GENTLEMEN

You have a “dream trip”, but you don’t know how to go about it? This is where we come in! According to your tips, we will suggest routes, attractions and hotels, as well as find out when it is best to travel in a given direction. We will arrange a motorbike (if necessary), a support car and a guide for you on site. We will also prepare tracks. You decide how your dream trip should look like – we take care of its preparation and organization.

motorcycle tours in South America by MotoBirds
motorcycle tours in South America by MotoBirds



Self-Guided Motorcycle Tours for EVERYONE

Do you want to visit the most interesting corners of the world, but you don’t like riding in an organized group? Are you interested in proven routes and attractions, but want to taste it all alone or with your friends? You do not need a guide on trips and you can find yourself in difficult situations on your own? This program is for you! We will prepare tracks for you, suggest what places to visit and what you definitely cannot miss. We will also organize accommodation and if you also need a support car.

motorcycle tours in South America by MotoBirds
motorcycle tours in South America by MotoBirds



Transport of motorcycles, quads, 4×4 cars – for EVERYONE


Transports of vehicles on an individual order and according to a regular schedule.

For those who wish to travel on their own, we offer a comprehensive service of transporting motorcycles to their dream destination. We take care of everything: packaging, transport preparation, transport, customs clearance – you fly to the place, pick up your motorcycle or other vehicle from the warehouse and go on a journey. Everything is clear and transparent.

As part of our transport services, we offer the so-called regular transports, i.e. on dates specified by us to places selected by us (a list of such transports is available under the link below) and individual transports, prepared on request.

Our terms do not suit you? Do you want to go somewhere else? No problem! We will organize transport at a time that suits you, to the place you choose or the closest possible. We transport vehicles all over the world, including Europe. Depending on the destination, we use land, sea or air transport. We pack motorcycles in specially prepared metal cages or custom-made crates. Your motorcycle always remains secured.



Motorcycle training in the field of vehicle mechanics and driving techniques is a new offer that appeared in 2020. This year we mainly address it to women.


Motorcycle training in driving technique “Female Only” / “Tylko dla Orlic”

This project was very popular from the very beginning, so together with our partners (Strefa Enduro, ProEnduro, California Superbike School) we decided to continue this project dedicated to ladies. We guarantee learning in small groups and in a female circle. At each of the training sessions, we make sure that the entire learning process takes place in a stress-free and friendly atmosphere. The girls support and motivate each other, which helps a lot and makes it easier to overcome new barriers. We just know what women need – it’s the female part of the team that takes care of this project in 100% and we went through the entire teaching process ourselves. We know what are women’s strengths and what we have more problems with, and we can weave it well into the teaching process. You can choose from both off-road and asphalt driving training. They take place in various places in Poland and at different levels of advancement.


Mechanical training “Female Only” / “Tylko dla Orlic”

In this project, our partner is the Stajnia Motorcyklowa. During training courses specially prepared for women, we teach the basics of motorcycle mechanics, how to prepare a motorcycle for the season, what to pay attention to when servicing, how to take care of the machine and how to deal with a breakdown. As we know, they like to happen also in the most unexpected moments and, especially when traveling, can spoil your mood. Therefore, we also offer travel training so that ladies know how to deal with the equipment on the road before they can reach the nearest mechanic. Both trainings are a large dose of theoretical and practical knowledge, provided in an accessible way.

female motorcycle training by MotoBirds
female motorcycle training by MotoBirds

ATTENTION! Contest with Great Prizes !!!

ATTENTION! Contest with Great Prizes !!!

ATTENTION! Contest with Great Prizes !!!

In 2020, most of our travel plans fell into ruin. We missed a lot of motorcycle expeditions, meetings, explorations and the realization of our dreams had to be temporarily “put on the shelf”. We are probably not the only ones … During one of the training sessions at Stajnia Motocyklowa, we came to the conclusion that it is high time to talk about it and the idea for this competition was born!

Tell us about your 2020 motorcycle trip that … did not take place! Inspire us with your vision!


write about it in the comment below this post and if you prefer to tell a story than to write
record a video, publish it as public on your profile, marking both organizers – Moto Birds and Stajnia Motocyklowa in it, and put the link to the movie in the comment below this post.

We count on creativity and fantasy. We will dream together with you. And we hope that these dreams will turn into reality in the next year 🤞🏼


The competition runs from 12 December 2020 at 00:00 to 31 January 2021 at 23:59 CET and is aimed at fans of Moto Birds and the Stajnia Motocyklowa. From among the submitted works, the jury consisting of Moto Birds, Stajnia Motocyklowa and Odeta Moro will select 3 winners.


Let attractive prizes be an incentive to participate in our game 😃


1st place:
🔹 a set of Bridgestone tires;
🔹 participation in 2021 in a training selected by the Participant from the offer of the Stajnia Motocyklowa available on the website https://www.szkoleniamotocyklowe.com/;
🔹 basic motorcycle inspection before the expedition done by Stajnia Motocyklowa on the agreed date in 2021;
🔹 7% discount on a trip or motorcycle transport chosen by the Participant from the Moto Birds offer for 2021 published on the website: https://motobirds.com/en/motorcycle-tours/ or https://motobirds.com/en/women-only-tours/ or https://motobirds.com/en/motorcycle-shipping/

2nd place:
🔸 participation in 2021 in a training selected by the Participant from the offer of the Stajnia Motocyklowa available on the website https://www.szkoleniamotocyklowe.com/;
🔸 basic motorcycle inspection before the expedition done by Stajnia Motocyklowa on the agreed date in 2021;
🔸 7% discount on the motorcycle transport chosen by the Participant from the Moto Birds offer for 2021 published at https://motobirds.com/en/motorcycle-shipping/

3rd place:
participation in 2021 in a training selected by the Participant from the offer of the Stajnia Motocyklowa available on the website https://www.szkoleniamotocyklowe.com/;
7% discount on the motorcycle transport chosen by the Participant within Europe from the Moto Birds offer for 2021 published at https://motobirds.com/en/motorcycle-shipping/


Winners will be announced during the LIVE broadcast, which will start on 02/02/2021 at 19 CET. Then, on the same day, after the LIVE broadcast, they will be published on Moto Birds and Stajnia Motocyklowa fanpages, as well as placed in the commentary to this post.


The rules of the competition are available HERE


We invite you to have fun!
Let’s disappoint this unlucky year! ❤️


Konkurs MotoBirds i Stajnia Motocyklowa

Konkurs Moto Birds

Motorcycle Training Tours in Europe

Motorcycle Training Tours in Europe

Motorcycle Training Tours in Europe

Going on a motorcycle tour is always an amazing adventure. But, while the current COVID-19 situation is preventing us all from traveling to different continents around the world and Europe remaining open, why not combine tours with training? Here at Motobirds, we’ve discovered that motorcycle training tours in Europe can be the next best thing to adventures in Patagonia or the Himalayas.

Teaming up with Pro Enduro PL and other local off-road schools, we’ve been having a great time training riders to feel confident on dirt trails and taking them across country on adventure and dirt bikes. Poland, it turns out, is a fantastic place to ride off-road, and we feel like we’re rediscovering this beautiful corner of Europe anew. So if you’re feeling stuck and unsure what to do with the 2020 riding season, here’s why a motorcycle training tour in Europe might be your best bet.

Skills vs Farkles

When it comes to riding motorcycles, whether on or off the road, one fact remains unchanged across the board: you are never too cool for school. Brushing up on your riding skills is always a great idea, even if you’re a veteran rider. Off-road training is a fantastic way to boost your confidence, connect with other riders, hone your skills, and discover something new about riding. A two-day training weekend followed by a two-day off-road tour to cement your new skills is perfect for deepening the experience and, most importantly, getting to truly enjoy those dirt trails.

Motorcycle Training Tours in Europe

Riding a motorcycle off-road is all about the thrill and the fun. And the more you train, the more fun you will have as you’ll be able to really get into the flow and trust your instinct and your bike as opposed to being stressed out when you’re unsure or afraid. A motorcycle training tour combines the best of the two worlds – training and traveling – and for us, this summer is going to be all about that.

Motorcycle Training Tours in Europe

During our recent all-female training tour, we all had so much fun everyone can’t wait to do it again. We worked hard at the Pro Enduro PL Modlin base outside of Warsaw learning how to conquer sand, ruts, forest tracks, and hill climbs, then hit the trails aboard our off-road-ready bikes on a mission to discover what Poland has to offer.

Motorcycle Training Tours in Europe

We rode on gravel roads, forest trails, and farm fields, swam in lakes, stayed in boutique hotels, visited open-air museums, old monasteries, and little countryside communities, sampled local food, and got to know Poland in a way that no tourist ever does. The best part of the training tour, however, was the teamwork and all the shared laughs we had together.

Motorcycle Training Tours in Europe

With our women’s training tour being a success, we’re taking this new direction for the entire season of 2020 and incorporating more and more off-road training into our European tours. But we’re not going to stop there: if we can have so much fun on a training tour, what would happen if we added sailing, wine tasting, or a food tour into the mix? Europe may not be able to boast vast open spaces and wilderness like South America or vertigo-inducing mountain views like Northern India, but it does have its charm and its own undiscovered places perfect for motorcycling, off-road adventures, and new experiences. Poland, Slovakia, and Croatia are already on our radar, and we’re working hard to scout new routes and add some exciting new training days, off-bike activities, and all-round fun to each of our motorcycle tours commencing in the next few months.

Motorcycle Training Tours in Europe

If you’re not sure which direction to take this year, come and ride with us: mixed motorcycle training tours with varying levels of difficulty, women-only training tours, and just about anything in between is on the menu. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, shoot us a message and we’ll design a custom training tour for you right here in Poland (motorcycle rentals are also available if you prefer to fly and ride).

Women Riders’ Off-Road Campout: Girls and Their Toys

Women Riders’ Off-Road Campout: Girls and Their Toys

Women Riders’ Off-Road Campout: Girls and Their Toys

Motobirds is a female-founded and female-run company, and every once in a while, we love to escape and ride with other women. Why? Because a women riders’ off-road campout is a unique event filled with sisterhood vibes, hard riding, mud-splattered bikes, and so much fun it’s impossible to peel away once it ends.

This weekend, the Motobirds crew – founder Ola and freelance tour guide Egle – set out on a mission to attend the Baby na Motory women riders’ off-road campout in Western Poland. The event is organized by local riders who put some rides together and invite women from all over Poland to join, ride, camp, and hang out. This year’s edition saw forty women attending, and it was the biggest gathering of female dirt bike nutcases in the country to date.

We had some 400+ kilometres to go just to get from Warsaw to the Baby na Motory campout location, and we figured we’d hit the dirt on the way. Sticking to backcountry roads and off-road trails, we hauled some serious ass to cover the distance and managed to get to the campsite just before dark.


women riders’ off-road campout


As we rolled up to the camping area, we both got a feeling we’d come… home. It’s hard to describe the emotion that hits you when you’re greeted by thirty-odd women in bike gear, with tents, motorcycles, and bike trailers scattered all over the place, a few male campers watching the mayhem from the sidelines. Most of the time, women are the odd ones out at any motorcycle event; and while we’re mostly treated well, always being the minority sometimes gets old. Here, at the Baby na Motory camp, women were the majority, and all we can say is, being surrounded by a horde of two-wheeled females is a high in itself.


women riders’ off-road campout


As we were pitching our tents, the gals immediately came to our aid – some helped us with the pegs and the covers, one woman poured some homemade moonshine down our throats, and we soon found ourselves huddled around a huge bonfire exchanging hello’s and beers. There were women from all walks of life – insurance experts, finance consultants, dentists, office workers, travel agents – and the ages varied just as wildly, with our youngest rider being just 23, while some of the women were well into their fifties. The ringleaders Asia, Kasiek, Agnieszka, Emilia, and Elsa welcomed us all explaining there were three track versions for tomorrow: a paved route, a soft off-road route, and a hard enduro trail. Being on a KTM690 and a Suzuki DR650, we weren’t sure if we should do the hard enduro track, but you won’t know unless you try, so we decided to stick the band of hard enduro maniacs. Having demolished some food and beers, we crawled into our tents, hit the hay, and slept like logs.


women riders’ off-road campout


In the morning, after wolfing down some breakfast, we joined a group of twelve-odd women determined to give the hard enduro track a go. While some gals were on small Huskies and KTM’s, there were some Honda Transalps, BMW GS 800’s, and even an old scrambler with skinny tires in the mix, so we knew our big bikes stood a chance, too. Hitting some local single track, we set off weaving in and out of forest trails, meadows, and muddy tracks. Along the way, we stopped at a NATO tank base – it turns out, tanks make fun, wavy tracks with some cool natural jumps – and chanced upon a group of American soldiers. We must have been a sight to behold, a swarm of women on dirt bikes chasing each other across a mangled, muddy field, because the soldier boys came out to say hi and pose for some photos. We can’t say we weren’t happy to see them:


women riders’ off-road campout


Leaving the boys with their toys, we jumped back on ours and took off on the tank tracks. Here, the first casualty happened – one of the gals’ bike had a dead battery – but helping each other out and hooking the quad’s battery up to the bike, we soon revived it and hit the trails again. After some fast sand and gravel tracks where our one and only quad girl, Karolina, showed us all how it’s done drifting around corners and doing donuts in the sand, we ventured deeper into the forest.


women riders’ off-road campout


Now came the “hard” in the hard enduro part where we had some deep, slick mud, water crossings, steep climbs, and huge soft ruts filled with slimy, slippery earth. One drowned and rescued KTM and lots of teamwork later, we left the muddy forest behind and finished the day off with more fast tracks, sand, and a glorious dinner at a local pub.



Back at camp, we were sore, soaked, and covered in mud, but the vibes were in an all-time high. Washing the sweat and the dirt off in the lake, we cracked some beers open, cooked some food, and gathered around the bonfire again exchanging stories and laughing like there was no tomorrow. We wished it wasn’t just a weekend, and that the women riders’ off-road campout would go on for a few more days. Riding with the gals felt nothing short of sublime; we hit some hard trails and got on the gas, but the camaraderie, the sisterhood, and the relaxed atmosphere were just unparalleled.


women riders’ off-road campout


Still, the next morning, it was time to pack up, hug everyone, and hit the road again. We decided to stick to the off-road track for the first two hundred kilometres keeping a good pace and singing along the music on our helmet speakers, and as we travelled cross country on our filthy bikes, our faces covered in dust and grime, our boots still making squelching sounds and our leg muscles working overtime, we both couldn’t help but feel like we’d just taken part in something very special.


women riders’ off-road campout


As we’re writing this, we’re still washing the mud off the bikes and boots, but the one thing we just can’t wipe off our faces are the biggest grins. Huge thanks to the Baby na Motory group founders, our track designers and leaders, and all the badass women we got to meet and ride with! See you next year – ride hard and be safe.


women riders’ off-road campout